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Community Partners

Neighbors of Overbrook Association work with a growing list of civic organizations, government offices, companies, nonprofits, and community stakeholders for the betterment of the Overbook community.


More than just monetary donations, our partners give of their time, energy, ideas, expertise and volunteer power to help strengthen our community and to ensure it thrives.


19th Police District Advisory Committee

The Police District Advisory Councils were created to facilitate maximum cooperation and communication between the Police Districts and the communities they serve.


The responsibilities of the PDAC groups are to identify community problems, analyze their causes, develop methods for resolution, implement programs for improvement, and act to enhance the quality of life, improve public safety, reduce fear and lower the incidence of crime.


        Overbrook Park         Civic Association

"The Overbrook Park Civic Assoc. is a 501(c)(4) non-profit "Recognized Community Organization" (RCO) comprised of citizens living from City Avenue to Landsdowne Avenue, Westend Drive to Ashurst Road in the West Philadelphia region of the City.


The Overbrook Park Civic Association has been in existence for over 30 years. We embrace diversity and promote progress".


Overbrook Environmental Center

Overbrook Education Center (OEC) is a community based center dedicated to the preservation of our built and natural environments; improved public health; and for the promotion of sustainable and livable communities.


Overbrook West Neighbors

Overbook West Neighbors Community Development Corporation (OWN) is comprised of concerned neighbors, business leaders and community stakeholders working together to keep the Overbrook community safe, clean, livable and thriving. 


Target area is bordered by 56th Street (east), 63rd Street (west), Lancaster Avenue (north) and Lansdowne Avenue (south).


Curtis Jones, Jr., Councilman

Represents the 4th District in Phila. which includes the section of Overbrook.   


A proven champion for education, an ally for criminal justice and a friend of the environment...." 

A noted expert on community-based economic development, Councilman Jones has served in various public and private sector positions for more than two decades. Under his leadership, minority, women and disabled business entities have received more than ($583,000,000) in municipal contract opportunities."....


              Morgan Cephas                 State Representative

Since joining the PA House, Morgan has introduced laws to end nuisance stop-and-goes, reverse the trend of maternal mortality, expand financial relief for childcare expenses and to bring dignity for incarcerated women.


Since her first term, she has successfully secured over $12 million in state funds to improve local schools, parks, businesses and libraries and to jumpstart community development projects in her district."........





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