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Officers & Board Members 


from left to right - Anton Austin President, Lynece Austin Vice President, Jackie Perrin Board Member, Trina Brown Board Member with

 Morgan Cephas  State Representative, Attice Gary Board Member, Pat Collier Board Member, Michelle Hampton Board Member, Linda Statham Board Member,           Bob Collier Board Member, Pauline Rosenberg Secretary and Keith Sutherland Treasurer

Anton Austin


My wife and I are 18 year residents of Overbrook. I am a father of 4, and I have been active in school volunteer organizations in the Overbrook/West Philadelphia region over the last decade.

Working through the school advocacy organizations in my children's schools provided the opportunity to meet and partner with local organizations in the area.


The mission, dedication and accomplishments of NOAH volunteers made me want to be part of the organization and help keep moving the Overbrook Community forward. My goal is that the organization will grow from the participation and contributions from Residents, Businesses and community partners with a common interest in seeing our neighborhood rise and thrive.

Lynece Austin

Vice President

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Jackie Perrin

Board Member

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Trina Brown

Board Member

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Attice Gary

Board Member

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Pat Collier

Board Member

My husband and I have lived in the Overbrook area for over 18 years. Since moving here, I have participated in various activities with N.O.A.H. I remember meeting at the church on the corner of 65th and Lansdowne organizing town watch, street clean ups, discussing nuisance activities taking place, etc.


The members of N.O.A.H. have a strong dedication of loyalty and commitment to the community. My prayer is that we continue to keep the vision of a strong neighborhood where we all can live in a clean, safe and pleasant environment.  It takes a village working together to thrive and survive.

Michelle Hampton Board Member

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Linda Statham

Board Member

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Bob Collier

Board Member

My name is Robert J. Collier, I am a resident on the 1000 block of Marlyn Rd in Philadelphia, PA.  My wife and I
have lived here for over 18 years. We are proud members of N.O.A.H, (Neighbors of Overbrook Association) and Block Captains.

Our mission is to cultivate and keep our streets and gardens clean. Through community cooperation we pride
ourselves in trying to encourage the safely and well-being of our neighborhood.  As most organizations, there is plenty of work that is
needed to be done and we appeal to any assistance from outside sources that will help us in our community

Pauline Rosenberg


Pauline has been a member of NOAH’s Board of Directors for 15  years. During that time she has served as both vice-president and secretary.


Her focus has been on
tree planting and beautification, and on her watch, NOAH has planted over 350 trees, landscaped the median strips on Lebanon Avenue and created a mural and mural garden at 66th Street & Lansdowne Avenue. Many folks call her the “tree lady.”

Keith Sutherland


A resident of Overbrook since 1991, Keith’s involvement with NOAH grew out of his interest in one of the organization’s earliest initiatives – the restoration of the medians on Lebanon Ave, between 63rd and 66th Streets.

Over the years, Keith has played an active role in NOAH’s various beautification projects, including the mural garden at 66th and Lansdowne, and the community tree planting program.  He has also served as coordinator of NOAH’s town watch, and as a member of the committee responsible for zoning matters.    

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